Upgrading of Vehicle

As a vehicle enthusiast, you need to keep upgrading your vehicle often. One way to do so is to improve your vehicle headlight and improve your navigation at night as well as during rainy and winter seasons.  To upgrade your vehicle headlight check out https://www.diodedynamics.com/specialties/led-demon-eye.html. Well, the LED demon eyes will give your car the custom look that makes it unique. It is not about functionality, it is also about aesthetics when you install this state of the art LED demon eyes.


Essentially, the LED demon eyes are installed at the rear of your vehicles projector lights. This helps shine bright LED lights that fill the reflector bowl. By so doing, they illuminate the lens and improve visibility during bad weather and at night. You will have a unique look when driving at night.  The LED demon eyes use a Bluetooth RGBW controller that has either RGBW demon eyes or multicolor RGB. Using blue tooth, you can choose the color you want your car’s headlights to display by using your phone.


These RGB demon eyes with Diode Dynamics are known for their reliability and high output.  Due to installation ease and compact size, the LED demon eyes are the choice for most retrofitters and professional world over.

Choices provided by LED demon eyes

Essentially, depending on your budget, you can choose either the prism demon eyes that have a variety of choice in changing color. This gives a mean outlook to your vehicle as you take a drive at night.  Alternatively, if what you are looking for is functionality as opposed to aesthetics, there is the single color LED demon eyes. When you use the Morito XBT controller along with the smartphone app, you can produce a variety of colors. These range from green, blue, teal, pink, purple, and many more.  These colors are amazingly clear and similar in clarity to the neutral white color. As such, the spectrum offers you with a variety of choice.


The single RGB chip does not provide as much intensity in the glare as the Demon Eyes that use Profile prism RGB.  You have 12 RGB LEDs that help create more intensity as you use them at night. In addition, you have the ability to use them in all colors. They are simply unbeatable due to the variety of choice provide to you.


Once you get the RGB or RGBW LED demon eyes, you are guaranteed 50,000-hour lifespan. This is similar to six years and seems ideal and reliable.  The complex nature of the circuit boards is greatly minimized in the LED demon eyes.  This helps reduce the chance of failure in operation; for instance, you may be traveling along a bumpy road but you will not have to worry about failure in contact and function, as was the case in older LED systems.

Plug and play

This is the best feature that makes most retrofitters prefer the LED demon eyes.  Older LED system required a Do it Yourself wiring using some user guide. However, the LED demon eyes come complete with a plug and play set up. There are no wires involved.  All wiring is insulated in rubber and housed in an aluminum housing inside the LED demon eyes.

In addition, you get to control your LED demon eyes using your android smartphone. This guarantees ease of use for you.

Therefore, get some LED demon eyes today for your vehicle and improve not just functional visibility but some mean aesthetics to your car.