The right way to throw garbage

Anything, after its primary use has been completed, is regarded as waste or has become defective with a time of even it cannot fulfill its core use then it’s classified as waste. We try to understand how a waste pile up and eventually waste becomes a disaster on how to manage it but is there a way to eliminate the occurrence of waste around us? That’s just like saying I love going to the beach and I don’t want to have a sunburn without applying any sunscreen.

We cannot manage garbage disposal without knowing where garbage originates from the biggest contributor of garbage is the municipal sources this basically means our homesteads marketplaces offices and recreational places like hotels or even parks, and surprisingly the waste generated from municipal sources more than half of the waste can be re-used or even recycled since the waste originating from this source is not hazardous nor harmful another source is of garbage is medical institutions and this is usually classified as hazardous and this need to be managed since when unattended they can create more problems. Manufacturing industries agricultural sector, automobile has also risen in the ranks of garbage contribution; look at this every now and then car manufacturers are producing new models with better features and what really happens to the older versions since with time they become disposable according to the laws established since dumping to other nations is not a solution and construction and electronics sources make the bracket of the sources so where do you really contribute in?

Allow me to be blunt here you cannot criticize people around you that they contribute to garbage around the neighborhood and you are passive when it comes to managing the garbage you contribute since basically everyone has to eat the leftovers but the waste is either degradable or non degradable, the first step of garbage starts with taking responsibility then the next step of reusing recycling can follow but even this ways have a limit like old expired medicines in our homes cannot be used ,chemicals paints pesticides all these are categorized as toxic waste and requires the scientific disposal though people create disaster when disposing disaster they use fill pits where they dispose of all the waste and once full they cover them with soil this is extremely dangerous since once they start decomposing methane gas start forming and the glassing starts to explode and may cause injuries if not monitored well.

The road of waste disposal starts at the manufacturing where they can ensure that every product they make is biodegradable so that the point of disposing of arriving it just withers away into the soil this has started by banning plastic papers for wrapping consumer goods. Other ways include polluter paying fines or even the waste management hierarchy where involves minimization of waste produced by each source so as to obtain least total waste from all the sources. The most effective way of waste disposal is by incineration, this method involved burning all types of waste regardless of the nature turning them into ash and gas it can be used both traditionally and in large scale. Regardless of the way of disposing of waste individual responsibility is the foundation in the management of since waste, not the waste.