Different Beards require Different Combs

To date, experts have identified more than 40 different types of beards. In addition to regular washing, timely haircuts and the application of special care products, each bearded man must comb the hairline on his face. Therefore, a quality and comfortable comb for a beard must be in his arsenal.

The main useful qualities of a beard comb: it combs beard, giving it a neat and well-groomed appearance; It massages the face, improving blood circulation and speeding up hair growth. Hairbrushes vary in material, size and color, they can include a blade. It all depends on the kind of beard and preferences of a man. For someone a compactness and the ability to carry a comb with you are important, and someone needs a whole set of various accessories for experiments. The determining factors are the strength and durability of the comb, antistatic properties and ease of use. Read up at http://beardcareshop.com/best-beard-combs/.

Let us now consider the main types of combs for a beard, their features and advantages. This will help you to decide, what type of comb should you use for your beard.

Combs with a blade

This is one of the most convenient variants. It is a bit like a razor: the blade is attached between plastic plates with double-sided teeth on a comfortable handle. With this tool, you can easily and quickly model the shape of the beard. Of course, for ordinary hair-dressing you will have to purchase another model, if you do not want to lose your hair. In addition, certain skills are required to make everything neat, smooth and goodly. Maybe you need someone else’s help.

Dangerous (folding) combs

No, they do not carry any danger for your beard. They just look like a folding dangerous razor. The comb has no blade. Most often, it is metal, and the handle is wooden. These models are well suited for daily wearing in your pocket or for a trip with a small baggage.

Metal combs

If you want to purchase the most durable and versatile tool, you should like a metal combs. They are made of nickel silver or strong stainless steel. They are used for styling, cleaning hair from excess fat and even massage.

Wooden combs

Wood is a nice, stable, durable and most popular material. Wooden combs most often consist of
treated with special compounds wood: cherries; birch; plums; walnut; apricot;
sandalwood; ash. The composition is as ecological and safe as possible, even

for delicate skin.

Design can be different and unique. You have the opportunity to order a wooden comb from a master who will burn out your individual inscription on it. However, for modeling a beard using blades, a wooden comb is not suitable: there is a great risk to receive a splinter.

Ebonite combs

Ebonite is a material that is cheaper than wood and metal, but not inferior to them in properties. Its main advantage is antistatic, which is important when caring for a beard. Besides, ebonite is well suited for shaving and haircuts. Ebonite comb is worth buying if you need an accessory for cutting your beard at home.

Styling combs

These combs can be made from all of the materials described above. They have an angular shape, on one side of it are teeth. The opposite side is rounded. Applying such a comb to the borders of the beard, you can achieve its’ smoothness and symmetry. This type of comb is more often used by experienced stylists than at home.