Business Cybersecurity

In the era of networking, a lot of business is done thru World Wide Web. We are in the era of boundary-less, where all sort of information can be obtained and shared easily. Personal data, photos, videos, banking information, design database and even our daily activities can be obtained easily thru the World Wide Web. So, is it safe to run our business thru the internet? What is our security assurance to have our data protected from the evil hand?

The law of nature has its balance, meaning if we have darkness, we should have brightness too. There are a lot of hackers emerge from nowhere since the day we have the plug on the Internet. They are getting better and sneakier every day. Their aim is to tear down the best security system and the best firewalls, to create chaos in the world of the Internet. We had our money stolen in the bank without our knowledge and consent. We had intruded on our privacy item and spreads it all over the network. Hackers are becoming a threat to our society, and it is about time that we had someone to protect us from them. Cybersecurity company is our best option to protect ourselves from these cyber criminals, try it out with Jacksonville-based Scarlett Group provides Disaster Recovery.

Like the police force in real life, cybersecurity company will need manpower to help develop a great security system. We as the younger generation should start thinking to join a cybersecurity company, as a noble move. A kingdom needs its knight to protect it from intruders. We need to prepare ourselves with the skills, information, and mindset to become successful. We must always remind ourselves, that the hacker knows no limits, and they are getting better each day. We as anti-hacker must work our way like a hacker, then only we can know each of their moves. Sometimes the information is so precious, people put life to protect it. The information that can make nations goes to war, tearing our humanity apart. So, Cybersecurity actually plays larger role to prevent this happen.

In the current era, we are no longer facing the threat from conventional terrorist, we are also facing the threat of cyber-terrorism. The terrorist is no longer hold gun and grenade, but rather a laptop and cell phone. They can steal the money in the national vault while sipping coffee somewhere in Manhattan. Or even launch a nuclear attack on Russia while doing spa in Hong Kong. So, it is time now, we should be stood up and defend our society from this madness. A government should allocate some funding to recruit and train all the specialist tom form the front-line protection team while working on backstage on technology development, starting from protection on business activity thru the network.

Human is strange. We can create something great, but at the same time, we try to destroy it. We are heading into a new era of advanced technologies, but we are walking away from our humanity that defines us as the primate on this planet. So, we should step ourselves up, and prevent all the misdeed that can be done thru internet. Then only we can advance to our next phase without losing our humanity.